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As a therapist and coach, I offer a safe, supportive space for my clients to explore, grow awareness, manage overwhelming emotions, and make decisions about the way they choose to approach and live their lives.


Often times people reach out when they are in transition, at a crossroads, or just not feeling like themselves. I partner with  clients to not only provide empathetic, active listening but to offer objectivity, ask open ended questions, and focus on skill development. 


Through our time together, clients develop a deeper understanding of themselves, where they came from, and the impact the past has on who they are in the present moment. These discoveries unlock the potential to look closer at the beliefs they’ve developed about their identity, abilities, and relationships, un-mines intrinsic strengths that are often forgotten, provides opportunity for deeper healing to happen, and motivation to create new patterns of feeling, thinking and action.


In short, clients leave sessions with the understanding and courage to approach life and their goals in a more integrated, intentional way. 

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