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InFlow; in·​flow | \ ˈin-ˌflō

aligned in heart, mind, and body



InFlow; in·​flow | \ ˈin-ˌflō

riding the waves of everyday life

aligned in mind, body, and heart

All too often, emotional wellness is overlooked in everyday life.

Many of us think that if we don't acknowledge pain, anxiety or stress, we won't feel it. 

And if we don't feel; if we avoid, numb out, or distract, the feelings will just go away. 

When they don't, we feel it in our bodies, disconnect from the people we love, and struggle to focus on our goals and passions. 

Emotion is part of the human experience. It breeds mental toughness and grit, the ability to endure & persevere. 

Emotions don't only exist, but truly serve us once we open up and accept them, with all the beautiful opportunities they bring.  

InFlow Wellness is a psychotherapy and coaching practice dedicated to helping people align heart, mind and body. I've seen the power and change that happens when we listen to our internal experience, move towards it, examine our thinking, and take intentional action as a result.  InFlow reflects the belief that emotional wellness is an integral part of overall health and when you're aligned in heart, mind and body, life feels better. 



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Rachel Bouta, LCSW, CPC

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